Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Sunday 22nd March was a chilly day in Cardiff. It was also the day the BRG collective turned up at a coffee shop on Cathedral Road in the hope that some willing members of the public might brave the bitter cold to take part in ONE DAY COLLECTIVE (ODC). Luckily they did!

A brief introduction was made and goody bags were handed out. Each bag contained various items that might come in useful throughout the day. An apple, a limited edition ODC hig-vis vest, water, electrical tape, bulldog clips and a length of plastic tube to name a few. It should be noted that at no point were the participants told what would be happening throughout the day.

The first port of call was Bute Park, where team building exercises were carried out and the newly formed ODC faced their first test as a collaborative unit. They did particularly well in the group juggling task.

BRG then led the new collective to Queen Street where they were invited to explore their group identity through public participation. They proceeded to fill a 27 exposure disposable camera with group shots of themselves, all taken by members of the public. It became apparent to ODC very early on that their sky blue vests might be a hindrance. BRG lost them all together for about 30 minutes, and were relieved to see them appear in the distance with a full camera and smiles on their faces.

After a brief stop at the Hayes for a cuppa and some lunch, it was time to head to Callaghan square. Here ODC were surprised with 99 tennis balls, some buckets, rope and a large pink yoga ball. After a brief introduction to the notion of play, they were let loose for around 45 minutes. At this point, unfortunately, a member of ODC had to take their leave due to the cold.


A brisk walk to Atlantic Wharf got both groups warmed up enough for the next task. A form of Chinese whispers that involved shouting out ideas for a collective motto.

A quick coffee break to warm our cockles at the Wharf was shortly followed by a dash to Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff bay for a game dubbed 'be a word' where ODC took on BRG in a final showdown.

With everyone declared a winner they hopped on the Princess Catherine which took them on the 25 minute trip up the Taff back to where it all began that morning. ‘Y Mochyn Du’ was the final resting place of the ONE DAY COLLECTIVE where the day was rounded off with a pint and an in-depth evaluation of the day’s events. Some of the topics covered included the difference between public audiences in different areas of the city, the public art that was seen throughout the day, the importance of play in everyday life, and how the group functioned as a collective as the day progressed.

Rosie Benn-Squire
Georgia Hall
Sara Hexter
Leo Garcia
Jess Matthews
Elen Roberts

BRG would like to thank all involved, including Jacob Whittaker who documented the event. A film will be put together and presented at the forthcoming seminar 'I'm not sitting at the front' on 6th April.

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